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Xfinity vs. Digital Life Home Security

On the surface, Comcast and Digital Life are very similar security companies. They are not security companies in the traditional sense, they both rely heavily on home automation, and they have similar pricing models. However, they are not the same. And when it comes to protecting your home, the truth is in the details.

Comcast Xfinity and ADT Digital Life Features Compared


In regards to what both companies can offer regarding protection, there is very little difference. Both offer broadband monitoring with cellular backup; both offer 24/7 UL listed monitoring services, mobile app access, professional installation, all under a 24-month contract.

Feature Xfinity Digital Life
Entry Level Price $39.99 $39.99
Installation Method Professional Professional
Equipment Warranty Yes But Length Unknown Lifetime
Minimum Contract Term 24 months 24 Months
Monthly Rate Locked In For Contract Term? xfinity-monthly-lock Yes
Entry Level Equipment Fee Included in Installation Price Yes
Control Panel Has Battery Back-Up? xfinity-generic-yes Yes
Touchscreen Control Panel xfinity-generic-yes Yes
Two-Way Audio xfinity-two-way No
Apps For iOS and Android iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS
Web Portal System Control xfinity-web Yes
Event History Log xfinity-event Yes
Move For Free Unknown No
Return Period 30 Days 14 Days
Restocking Fee xfinity-restock Yes
BBB Rating A- A+
Number of BBB Complaints in the Last 3 Years 34,358 20001
Possible Discount on Insurance xfinity-insurance Yes
Service Area US Limited US Coverage
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The entry level price of Xfinity and Digital Life is the same: just under $40. Comcast’s entry-level package is called XFINITY Home - Secure 300, Digital Life’s is called Smart Security. They both offer similar services for this entry-level price, including 24/7 professional monitoring and remote control and access from a mobile app.

However, the two packages are not the same. For starters, they offer different equipment. Xfinity offers 1 motion detector, 3 contact sensors, and 1 Wireless Keypad. Digital Life offers 1 motion sensor, 4 door/window sensors, 2 Contact Sensors, 1 Keypad, 1 Indoor Siren – they both include a control panel. Second, Xfinity includes more services where Digital Life charges extra for things like light automation and door lock automation.

Xfinity and Digital Life Lowest and Medium Plans Compared

Features Xfinity Digital Life Xfinity Digital Life
Entry Phone Number 855-709-1198 (844) 457-0237 855-709-1198 (844) 457-0237
Package Name XFINITY Home - Secure 300 Smart Security XFINITY Home - Secure 350 Smart Security and Automation
Monthly Monitoring Fee $39.95 $39.99 $49.95 $54.99
Monitoring Method Broadband with Cellular Back-up Broadband w/ Cellular Backup Broadband with Cellular Back-up Broadband w/ Cellular Backup
Police Dispatch xfinity-police Yes xfinity-45-yes Yes
Fire Dispatch xfinity-fire Yes xfinity-45-yes Yes
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring xfinity-25-co Yes xfinity-45-carbon Yes
Monitoring for Leaks and Flooding xfinity-25-leaks $4.99/month xfinity-45-leaks $4.99/month
Contract Length 24 Months 24 months 24 Months 24 months
Activation or Installation Fee $29.99 $99 $49.99
Equipment Cost Free Included Free Included
Control Panel Included Yes Included Touchscreen
Two-Way Audio xfinity-25-two No xfinity-45-two No
Access to Mobile App xfinity-25-mobile Yes xfinity-45-yes Yes
Crash & Smash or Redundant Protection xfinity-25-crash No xfinity-45-crash No
Email and Text Alerts xfinity-25-email Yes xfinity-45-email Yes
Remote Access and Mobile App Control xfinity-25-remote Yes xfinity-45-mobile-app Yes
Light Automation xfinity-25-light $4.99/month xfinity-45-light Yes
Geolocation Services xfinity-25-geo No xfinity-45-geo No
Video Surveillance Features xfinity-25-live-video $9.99/month xfinity-45-yes Yes
Door Lock Automation xfinity-25-locks $4.99/month xfinity-45-yes Yes
Smart Thermostat Access xfinity-25-energy $4.99/month xfinity-45-yes $4.99/month



Xfinity and Digital Life give you text and email alerts in all packages of each security system. There’s also an app and web portal for each company, allowing you to check on your system remotely.


All Xfinity packages give you the opportunity for smart home automation. You can add things like a smart thermostat or a smart lock to your package with no additional monthly charge (only equipment charges apply). Xfinity works with several third party devices, including Nest Thermostats, Rachio smart sprinklers, and a variety of other devices. You can automate your home without having to pay a higher monthly fee.

Digital Life is similar to Xfinity in that you can upgrade any package with smart home services. They have partnerships with Nest, Samsung, and Qualcomm to give you cutting-edge equipment. However, all of this is at a cost if you get the basic package. If you have a basic package but want a smart lock, you will be charged an extra $5 a month plus the cost of the equipment. The other two packages offered by Digital Life include smart lock automation.

To sum it up, both companies have partnerships with high-quality third-party devices. But Xfinity doesn’t charge extra money (other than the equipment fee) to use those devices, even when you’re subscribed to a basic package.

Xfinity vs. Digital Life Home Security Equipment

Xfinity and Digital Life offer similar equipment packages. Both companies allow you to create custom packages with the equipment you want. They also sell similar devices, like security cameras, glass break detectors, and flood sensors. But comparing pricing is almost impossible as Digital Life is more secretive about their equipment prices than Xfinity. In general, Digital Life’s equipment appears to be slightly more expensive.

Equipment Xfinity Digital Life
Keypad/Cost $99.95 $99.99
Outdoor Siren $99.95 No
Motion Detectors Cost $49.99 $79.99
Is the Motion Detector Pet Immune? Pet Immune up 85lb (38kg) Yes
Glass Break Detectors/Cost $99.95 $79.99
Key Chain Remote or Fob/Cost $49.95 $39.99
Wearable Panic Pendant/Cost xfinity-panic No
Door and Window Sensors/Cost $49.95 $29.99
Recessed Door and Window Sensors/Cost xfinity-recessed $49.99
Garage Door or Tilt Sensor/Cost xfinity-tilt Yes / Cost Unknown
Smoke Detector/Cost $99.95 $49.99
Carbon Monoxide Sensor/Cost Yes / Unknown $59.99
Heat Sensor/Cost Yes / Unknown $59.99
Freeze Sensor/Cost xfinity-freeze No
Water and Flood Sensor/Cost $39.95 $49.99
Entry Level Indoor Camera/Cost $129.95 $199.99
Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera/Cost xfinity-tilt-camera No
Outdoor Camera/Cost $129.95 $199.99
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