How Much Does Vivint Equipment Cost?

Vivint isn’t always forthcoming with pricing. The pricing we’ve uncovered we’ve pieced together through secret shopping experiments, research, and customer testimonials. Below you will find information on both equipment and monitoring packages. If you prefer to compare Vivint to other home security companies, we can help you with that too.

Vivint Monitoring Packages Compared

vivint starter smart protect smart control
Monthly Fee $39.99 $53.99 $60.99
24/7 Monitoring YES YES YES
Smartphone Access YES YES YES
Monitoring Method Cellular Cellular Cellular
Contract Length 48-60 Months 48-60 Months 48-60 Months
Home Automation No No 1 or More Smart Home Services
Video Surveillance No No 1 or More Smart Home Services
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Vivint Equipment Pricing

Vivint likes to mix things up. They often change their pricing, package names, and how they manage equipment. Each of Vivint’s three packages comes with a set amount of equipment points that you can use to “buy” security devices. While Vivint claims the equipment is free, setup isn’t without a fee. Instead of charging for installation or equipment directly, they charge for activation. Activation fees start at $99 and can easily go well over $400 per package.

What Are Equipment Points?

Currently, if you sign a 42-month contract, you will receive equipment points. With Vivint Starter you will receive 5 points, with Smart Protect 7 points, and with Smart Control 9 points.

With Smart Control, you also have the option of choosing two smart home devices (doorbell camera, indoor camera, thermostat, door lock, garage door controller) or one premium service (Vivint Playback® Cloud Storage or an Outdoor Camera). Some items, like the outdoor camera ($69.99), incur an additional installation fee, but the basic devices will be covered by your initial activation fee and points.

vivint starter smart protect smart control
Activation Fee $399.00 $199.00 $199.00
Control Panel Included Included Included
Equipment Points 5 7 9
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Vivint Equipment

All packages come with the Vivint SkyControl Panel. This panel is the brains of the system and controls all other devices. It’s a color touchscreen that can manage your home security system and home automation devices. It also includes two-way voice so that you can communicate with the monitoring center during an emergency.

If you choose to purchase devices beyond what your points cover, be prepared to pay for them upfront.

Name Point(s) Price
door sensor Door & Window Sensor 1 $60
recessed sensor Recessed Door Sensor 1 $60
motion sensor Motion Sensor 2 $120
tilt sensor Tilt Sensor 1 $60
glass break sensor Glass Break Detector 2 $120
key fob Key Fob 1 $60
medical pendant Medical Pendant 1 $60
carbon monoxide Carbon Monoxide Detectors 2 $120
smoke detector Smoke Detectors 2 $120
flood Temperature/Flood Sensor 2 $120
lamp Lamp Module 1 $60

Home Automation Equipment

Smart home devices are only available to customers subscribed to Smart Control. The devices and services are divided between basic and premium.

Basic Smart Home Devices

With Smart Control you have the option of choosing any two of the following smart home devices.

vivint doorbell camera

Vivint Doorbell Camera – $199

The Vivint doorbell camera is a smart, battery-powered doorbell. It’s an internet connected device, unlike the other devices which rely on a cellular signal. When connected, you will receive ring notifications on your phone no matter where you are. You can use it to both see and speak with your guest during the day or night, thanks to night vision.

Indoor Cameras

Vivint Indoor Cameras – $199+

Vivint offers two indoor cameras including a pan and tilt version and a fixed lens. Like the video doorbell, the cameras require an internet connection. They can connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The pan and tilt version offers a wider field of view as the camera can “swivel”. You can also share access with up to five family members.


Smart Thermostat – $190+

Vivint sells the Vivint Smart Thermostat. It integrates with the SkyControl Panel and the mobile app so that you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. In addition to smart capabilities, you can program a schedule for your system to follow.

If you prefer, you can purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat, which works with Vivint. The thermostat knows when you are home or away and adjusts the temperature in the name of energy savings.

Smart Lock

Smart Door Locks – $199

With smart door locks, you can unlock your door using a key, the keypad, or your smartphone app. You can also unlock the door using your voice, but we’ll get to that later.

Garage Door Controller

The final basic smart home offer is smart garage door control. Like the other devices, you can control your garage door from anywhere. You can also check to make sure the door is shut using your smartphone app.

Premium Smart Home Devices

If you prefer, you can choose one premium service instead of two smart devices. The services include Vivint Playback® Cloud Storage and an outdoor security camera. Choosing the outdoor security camera will increase your installation fee by $69.99.

Vivint Playback is a local storage device – your own personal cloud. You can use it to store footage from your cameras or even personal data like family photos. The device provides 1TB of data which is enough space for 300,000 photos.

Third-Party Devices – $50+

In addition to Nest, Vivint works with Amazon Alexa (Dot, Echo, etc. ) for voice control over your security system and certain devices.

Using Alexa, you can control your locks, lights, and arm your security system with your voice. Unless you need a speaker, I recommend Dot over Echo. It has all the same capabilities as Echo, but it’s only $50. Also, you can plug it into your existing speaker system or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker to improve the sound quality.

In regards to cost associated with Vivint there may be other minor fees such as the cost of an onsite tech should something go wrong. And there will definitely be fees if you try to wiggle out of your contract before it ends. Other than that, the cost will depend on your choices. Try to have an idea of what you want before allowing their in-home sales people into your home. Once that happens, pressure is high and you might end up spending more than you bargained for.