How Much Does Link Interactive Cost?

When it comes to choosing a home security system, it’s important to make sure you can afford the features you want. However, researching the cost of each security company takes a lot of time and effort. So through secret shopping, research, and reading through customer testimonials, we’ve pieced together information on the cost of Link Interactive’s equipment and monitoring packages. This is not the first time we’ve reviewed a security company’s pricing, and it certainly won’t be the last. If you want us to review the pricing of a particular security company, let us know in the comment section. And if you’re interested, you can bookmark our Security System FAQs page to stay updated on our latest pricing reviews.

Link Interactive Monitoring Packages Compared

Link Standard Monitoring Link Gold Monitoring Link Elite Monitoring
Monthly Fee $30.99 $35.99 $40.99
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Smartphone Access No Yes Yes
Monitoring Method Cellular Cellular Cellular
Contract Length 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months
Home Automation No Yes Yes
Video Monitoring No No Yes

Link Interactive Equipment Pricing

With Link Interactive, you can choose which devices you want to monitor your home. However, equipment is not included in the monitoring package, so you’ll have to purchase devices separately. After you choose a monitoring package, simply click on Explore Plan to shop for equipment, starting with a control panel. Link offers three control panels. The first is the Go!Control panel (GC2), which is included for free.

Link GC2

However, you can upgrade to the GC3 panel for $150.

Link GC3

The third panel option is the Qolsys IQ touchscreen panel, which they sell for $100.

Link Qolsys IQ

The price of your equipment depends on which control panel you choose. Some devices only work with the Go!Control panels, others only work with the Qolsys IQ, and a few work with both. The equipment cost is lower if you go with the Qolsys IQ panel, but it has fewer compatible devices.

Devices That Work with the Go!Control Panels

Name Price
Link Door/Window Sensor Basic Door/Window Sensor $22
Link Recessed Door/Window Sensor Recessed Door Sensor $25
Link Plunger Type Door Sensor Plunger Type Door Sensor $37
Link Bypass Door/Window Sensor Bypass Door/Window Sensor $26
Link Motion Sensor Motion Sensor $53
Link Tilt Sensor Tilt Sensor (Garage Door Sensor) $32
Link Glass Break Sensor Glass Break Sensor $50
Link Image Sensor Image Sensor $112
Link Basic Keypad Extra Keypad (Basic) $41
Link Touchpad Extra Touchscreen Keypad $138
Link Siren Interior Strobe/Siren $43
Link Key Fob Remote Key Fob $22
Link Panic Pendant Panic Button $26
Link Smoke Detector Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor $66
Link Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector $80
Link Disaster Sensor Disaster Sensor (Flood, Heat, Freeze) $67
Link Heat Detector Wireless Heat Detector $64
Link Firefighter Module Firefighter Module (Monitors existing smoke detectors) $44

Devices That Work with the Qolsys IQ Panel

Name Price
Link Door/Window Sensor IQ Door/Window Sensor $21
Link Motion Sensor IQ Motion Detector $40
Link Glass Break Detector IQ Glass Break Detector $69
Link Tilt Sensor Tilt Sensor (Garage Door Sensor) $40
Link Interactive Image Sensor IQ Image Sensor $97
Link Secondary Panel Secondary Touchscreen Panel $284
Link Siren IQ Siren $64
Link Key Fob IQ Remote Key Fob $24
Link Smoke Detector Smoke Heat Detector $66
Link Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector $73
Link Disaster Sensor Disaster Sensor (Flood, Heat, Freeze) $65

Link Interactive Home Automation Equipment

Home automation devices are only available to Gold and Elite customers. The cost of home automation equipment is the same no matter which control panel you choose. However, compatibility may be an issue. Any compatibility concerns between device and panel are noted below. Smart Thermostat

Link Thermostat
Price: $108.00

The Smart Thermostat is an internet-connected thermostat that allows you to schedule and control temperature changes using the Link Interactive app powered by It is also responsive to automation rules based on activity, occupancy, and ambient temperature. For example, you can tell it to adjust to a preset temperature when it detects occupancy (i.e. when you get home) or save energy when no one is around.

Note: The Smart Thermostat doesn’t work with the GC3 control panel.

Remote Temperature Sensor

Link Temperature Sensor

Price: $23.00

The Remote Temperature Sensor works with the Smart Thermostat. You can use it to create custom use cases. For example, you can tell the smart thermostat to adjust the temperature in order to keep your monitored room comfortable. You can also use the temperature sensor to monitor the temperature in certain rooms.

Z-Wave Thermostat

Link Z-Wave Thermostat

Price: $85.00

The Z-Wave thermostat is a battery powered smart thermostat designed to run on 4 AA batteries. You can also power it using a 24VAC C-wire from your HVAC system. It’s a simpler thermostat that you can control anytime and anywhere from your phone. However, it can’t make changes on its own, unlike the Smart Thermostat.

Kwikset Deadbolt Lock

Link Deadbolt

Price: $202.00

The Kwikset Deadbolt Lock is a smart lock that allows you to lock or unlock your door using three methods. One, you can use a physical key. Two, you can use the smartphone app. Three, you can enter a 4 to 6 digit code using the buttons on the lock.

Kwikset Lever

Link Lever

Price: $215.00

The Kwikset Lever replaces traditional door knobs or levers. Like the Kwikset Deadbolt Lock, you can unlock it using a key, your phone, or by entering your PIN.

LiftMaster Garage Door Bundle

Link MyQ Garage Door Bundle

Price: $73.00

The LiftMaster Garage Door bundle allows you to make your garage door smart. It works with garage door openers that were manufactured after 1998 including those from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman. The bundle includes a MyQ control panel that replaces your existing panel and a MyQ 828LM Gateway that connects the panel to the internet for remote access. You can also purchase both devices individually. The MyQ panel costs $31 and the Gateway $42.

Universal Garage Door Kit

Link Universal Garage Kit

Price: $73.00

If your current garage door opener doesn’t work with the LiftMaster Garage Door bundle, you can try the Universal Garage Door Kit instead. It works with a wider range of garage door opener brands manufactured after January 1, 1993, such as Chamberlain, Master Mechanic, True Value, Wayne Dalton, and more.

Z-Wave Lamp Module

Link Lamp Module

Price: $25.00

The Z-Wave Lamp Module allows you to turn on/off plugged-in devices remotely. It works with appliances that have a maximum wattage of 300W. It’s best used with incandescent lamps, low-tension halogen lamps, and low-voltage non-motor appliances.

Z-Wave Light Bulb

Link ZWave Bulb

Price: $21.00

The Z-Wave Light Bulb is a dimmable bulb that you can control using your smartphone. You can also set schedules to turn it on or off.

Link Interactive Cameras

Only Elite customers can use home security cameras. If you’re subscribed to the Elite monitoring package, you can monitor up to four cameras. If that’s not enough, you can add more, but adding more adds to the cost. Be prepared to pay an extra $5 per month for up to 8 cameras or $10 per month for 10 cameras. The system can support a maximum of 10 cameras.

2Gig HD100 Wireless Indoor Camera

Link  Indoor Camera 1

Price: $146.00

The HD100 Indoor Camera is an HD camera with 720p resolution and night vision. It can be placed on top of flat surfaces or mounted on walls. While you can use it wirelessly, it requires power from an AC outlet. V521IR Indoor Camera

Link ADC Indoor Camera

Price: $134.00

The V521IR is also an indoor camera, this time, from It has the same 720p resolution and night vision, and it also requires AC power. It’s recommended over the 2Gig camera because it integrates better with the Link Interactive app as they are both from V620PT Indoor Camera

Link PTZ Indoor Camera

Price: $278.00

The V620PT is an indoor camera with 720p resolution. What makes it different from the other cameras is its ability to pan and tilt. With this, you can look around an entire room using only your smartphone. It can pan 350 degrees and tilt 125 degrees. V721W Outdoor Camera

Link Outdoor Camera

Price: $207.00

The V721W outdoor camera is a bullet-type wall-mounted camera. It has an IP rating of 66—dustproof and waterproof. It also has UV protection to protect itself from direct sunlight. The camera has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 and can see up to 40 feet in the dark. It’s also wireless so you can place it anywhere within reach of your wireless range. However, it requires AC power.

SkyBell HD Doorbell Camera

Link SkyBell HD

Price: $175.00

The SkyBell HD doorbell camera replaces your existing wired doorbell with a video doorbell. It allows you to see and speak with people at your front door even if you’re not in your house. It also has other features like motion detection.

Stream Video Recorder

Link Stream Video Recorder

Price: $400

The Stream Video Recorder is a product of that allows you to record and store continuous video footage from your cameras. An SVR supports up to 8 IP cameras with 1TB of storage space; it can store weeks of videos. A 2TB version is also available for $520. Unlike traditional DVRs, the SVR not only records but also streams recorded videos to your smartphone even if you’re not at home.

Other Fees

Installation Fees

Link Interactive’s equipment is completely DIY, which means you don’t have to pay for professional installation. If you want, you can request professional installation, but there will be a fee for doing so.

Increase in Monthly Fee

Link’s Terms and Conditions do not give them the right to increase your monthly rate. Your rate is locked during your three year contract. However, if you renew your contract, you will do so at the prevailing rating.

Early Termination Fee

Link Interactive charges an early termination fee. If you cancel, you will be charged 75% of your remaining contract value.

However, new customers are given a chance to return their equipment and cancel their contracts for free within the first 30 days.

Moving Fee

If ever you need to move, you can take your security system with you. Link Interactive will not charge a moving fee.