weapon defense

Defending Yourself Against Weapons

When it comes to self-defense, there’s not one technique or style that can get the job done. What you need to do, will depend on the situation you’re in. If weapons are involved, you need to use specific techniques to disarm your attacker. Here is a closer look at some of the ways you can use self-defense against weapons.

Keep in mind that these tips below only apply if you think there’s no way to get rid of your threat. If a mugger is asking for your wallet, give it to him. Or, if you can yell for help or run away, do it. But if you don’t see any logical way out of the situation, follow the tips below.

Basic Principles of Knife and Gun Attacks

Whether you’re defending yourself from someone with a knife or a gun, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind.

For one, you need to be at the proper distance from your attacker in order for anything to happen. There is a critical distance, one at which you’re close enough to get to the weapon.

You should also have the same goals in either situation. First, you need to avoid being shot or stabbed. Second, you need to disarm your attacker. And third, you need to get away from your attacker.

If your attacker tries to take you to a new location, do whatever you can to avoid it. Research shows that going to a new location increases the risk of injury or death. Do what it takes to avoid being taken and increase the chances that you will escape unharmed.

Self-Defense Against Knife Attacks

If an attacker has a knife, you need to get close enough to the knife that you can get it out of his hand. Your target is the attacker’s wrist. Wait for him to attack you with the knife, and grab his wrist. Twist it so the blade of the knife faces away from you.

If the attacker is much stronger than you, you won’t be able to control his wrist for long. So, turn the tables to your advantage. Attack him in a vulnerable place. Knee him in the groin, poke him in the eyes, or strike him in the throat.

You can also try to get your attacker to the ground while he’s focused on the knife. Sweep his legs out from underneath him or trip him to the ground. As he falls, you should be able to pry the knife from his hands.
Once you have control of the knife, only you know what the next move is. You might find it necessary to stab the attacker before you get away, or you might find it smarter to run away while you can. Go with your gut.

Self-Defense Against Gun Attacks

When defending against an attacker with a gun, it’s important to remember that you’re in danger even if you’re a long distance away. It might seem counterintuitive, but you need to get close to your attacker so you have a chance of disarming him.

Once you get within reach of the gun, you don’t want to do anything rash. Before you try to disarm your attacker, it’s important to distract him. Get your attacker to think about something other than pulling the trigger. This will slow down his reaction time and give you the opportunity to get the gun out of his hands.

To disarm your attacker, you need to knock the muzzle of the gun away from you. As you knock it away, step to the side so that you are even further away from the path of any bullets. Try to hold onto his wrists and turn the gun into his stomach. Then, you should target a weak area of your attacker. A knee or kick to the groin is extremely effective.

While your attacker is stunned, you should be able to get control of the gun. Grab it, step back, and get to safety.

Overview of Defending Against Weapons

Following the tips above can help you get out of a bad situation safely. No matter what kind of dangerous situation you’re in, stay calm. There’s a way out of it, and a cool head will help get you to safety.