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How Much Does Link Interactive Cost?

When it comes to choosing a home security system, it’s important to make sure you can afford the features you want. However, researching the cost of each security company takes a lot of time and effort. So through secret shopping, research, and reading through customer testimonials, we’ve pieced together information on the cost of Link […]

The Best Smart Thermostat For Your Home

Like any good investment, spending money to get the right smart thermostat is rewarding. Smart thermostats save money. Just look at Nest’s white paper statistics, which show that Nest users save an average of 10%-12% on heating and about 15% on cooling. This isn’t proof that Nest is the best thermostat, but that smart thermostats […]

What Are The Top Complaints Against Your Security Company?

Over the past few years of reviewing security systems, we’ve tried to highlight the good in every security company. But this post is different. After days of reading negative user reviews, I’ve compiled a list of the most common complaints against several security companies. Just to be clear, this post isn’t intended to destroy the […]

Frontpoint vs. Vivint vs. Digital Life

Entry Level Pricing Frontpoint Frontpoint’s entry-level monitoring package is called the . It costs /month and covers 24/7 professional monitoring. The equipment fee is not included in the plan. In regards to equipment, you will need to purchase it separately. You can preview their equipment offerings online or give them a call to talk through […]

5 Pepper Spray Guns for Self Defense

A couple of weeks ago, we compared the best pepper sprays for self defense, but pepper spray has limitations. For those like me who are more comfortable carrying and using a gun, there’s a better (and cooler) option: pepper spray guns. Pepper guns are more expensive than traditional pepper sprays, but there are benefits. First […]

Comparing Pepper Spray for Self Defense

There’s an ongoing debate about which is more efficient for self-defense, guns or pepper spray. I’m one of those who favors guns over other self-defense weapons, but I also carry around pepper spray at times, and there are definitely moments in life where pepper spray is the right choice. How to Choose a Pepper Spray […]

The Best Home Smoke Alarms Compared

Let’s admit it, smoke alarms are one of the least likable things we have at home. If you burn a piece of toast, they taunt with irritating sirens. They also think 2am is the best time to remind you of a dead battery. Unfortunately, you need them, so getting rid of your smoke alarms is […]