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Can You Return Your Security System?

Buying a home security system is a commitment. Most companies require that you sign a 36-month contract. Who wants to be stuck with something they hate for 3 years? Not me. And a monthly payment to boot? Writing a check every month for something you hate is like a thorn in the side. This is […]

Predators Use Social Media To Target Children

Who Are Predators Targeting? Research is clear that girls are at a greater risk than boys. However boys that are gay or questioning their sexuality are at greater risk of falling victim than boys who are not. From an age perspective, research focuses mostly on 10-17 year old children. Research conducted by the National Center […]

Moving With A Security System

Thinking about buying a home security system? One question that is often overlooked is the portability of a security system. According to facts compiled by MyMovingReviews.com, 35,918,000 Americans moved in 2012 with almost 5,000,000 Americans moving to a different state and over 1,000,000 moving to a different county. While you may think you’re settled, you […]