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Battery Powered Security Cameras Compared

When it comes to home security cameras, there are wireless cameras, and then there are cordless cameras. While a camera may tout wireless capabilities, wireless cameras still require a power source, and many of them even require an Ethernet connection during the initial setup. However, all is not lost. For those looking for a true […]

How Much Does Vivint Equipment Cost?

Vivint isn’t always forthcoming with pricing. The pricing we’ve uncovered we’ve pieced together through secret shopping experiments, research, and customer testimonials. Below you will find information on both equipment and monitoring packages. If you prefer to compare Vivint to other home security companies, we can help you with that too. Vivint Monitoring Packages Compared Monthly […]

Best Video Doorbells for Home Security 2016

The premise of video doorbells is pretty much the same regardless of the product. The goal is to make it appear that you’re home, even when you’re not. Over the past several years we’ve seen some truly disappointing attempts to execute this seemingly simple task, but the time has come and makers are finally getting […]

SimpliSafe vs Protect America Home Security Review

A Side-By-Side Comparison Protect America vs SimpliSafe Home Security Features Compared ENTRY LEVEL PRICING and SECURITY FEATURES: Protect America and SimpliSafe both have similar entry-level pricing. However, what the entry fee provides is completely different. Protect America starts at per month. This entry level fee includes 24/7 professional monitoring using a landline. If you want […]

ADT vs Frontpoint Home Security

A Side-By-Side Comparison ADT Pulse & Frontpoint Home Security Features Compared ENTRY LEVEL PRICING: ADT is not simple. They have basic packages, Pulse packages, direct packages, and packages they offer through resellers. On top of that, they consider their pricing to be custom for each homeowner. As they are rather diverse and secretive, it can […]

Frontpoint vs Protect America Home Security Review

A Side-By-Side Comparison Frontpoint & Protect America Home Security Features Compared ENTRY LEVEL PRICING: The entry level monitoring plan for Frontpoint starts at , Protect America offers a per month package. The difference is that all of Frontpoint’s packages are cellular where Protect America offers landline and broadband monitoring. The entry level price of is […]

Gun vs Stun Baton vs Stun Pen vs Taser

The real war against women starts when we no longer have the right to protect ourselves if we so choose.   Those against personal handguns often cite that we wouldn’t need to use guns in self-defense if the bad guys didn’t also have access to guns. The problem with this type of logic is that […]