ADT vs Frontpoint

ADT vs Frontpoint Home Security

ADT Pulse

A Side-By-Side Comparison

ADT Pulse & Frontpoint Home Security Features Compared


ADT is not simple. They have basic packages, Pulse packages, direct packages, and packages they offer through resellers. On top of that, they consider their pricing to be custom for each homeowner. As they are rather diverse and secretive, it can be hard to truly compare ADT to other home security companies. We’ve gathered basic pricing information from ADT customers and from ADT directly. Using this information, it seems like Pulse is most comparable to Frontpoint. Pulse offers advanced features, as well as smart home services, and the majority of ADT’s new customers are choosing Pulse for home security.

By contrast, Frontpoint is simple. They offer three packages stemming from basic home security to a full-blown automation package that includes video surveillance.

With that said, ADT does have a non-Pulse package called Essentials which would technically be their entry level security package. Essentials starts at $36.99 and offers very basic security service. But for this compare, we will start with their entry-level Pulse package, Remote Arm. This package is $47.99 per month.

The entry level monitoring plan for Frontpoint starts at $34.99, but the most comparable to Remote Arm is their Interactive Plan for $44.99 per month. The differences between Remote Arm and Interactive Plan are subtle. Both offer set services within the monthly fee, both offer customizable equipment packages. ADT makes it more challenging by suggesting that their monthly rate is variable – meaning what they charge me, may not be the same as what they charge you. Do I buy it? I do actually. And I’ve seen this in action first hand. Your rate with Frontpoint is locked through the terms of your contract. The monthly fee is set and the same for all customers. ADT’s rate is not set. They reserve the right to increase your monthly rate at anytime.


Both ADT Pulse and Frontpoint offer 24/7 professional monitoring for burglaries, fires, and medical emergencies. They both use UL listed monitoring agencies and with the right equipment, they can both monitor for additional events such as floods, leaks, and even carbon monoxide.

The biggest difference between the two is that Frontpoint is 100% cellular, while Pulse is variable. In their own words,

“ADT uses broadband service for remote control of the system, installed devices and video applications. For burglary, fire and/or carbon monoxide alarm signals, ADT uses approved telephone connections and/or wireless cellular connections.”

There are pros and cons to all forms of monitoring. Broadband is generally the fastest, but like landlines, it is more prone to outages. Cellular may not be as fast as broadband, but it’s the most secure. It does not use the same cellular signal as your cellphone and it requires a much weaker signal. In general, cellular is more expensive than other forms of monitoring, but as you can see in the chart below, that’s not the case when comparing Frontpoint’s cellular service to ADT’s service.


Both ADT and Frontpoint are interactive companies. They both have mobile apps and they both offer the option to automate your home. ADT has two distinct advantages. First of all, they offer the option to work with 3rd party smart home devices. They work with the Nest learning thermostat and their ADT Canopy division can add service to popular smart home devices like Ring, SmartThings, and Wink. Frontpoint, works with a select group of Z-Wave smart home devices.

The second advantage ADT has in this category is that they offer a voice controlled version of their Pulse app. The appropriately named ADT Pulse® Voice app works on iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you can voice control some of your connected devices. This works similarly to Siri, Google Now, or Amazon Echo. Pick a secret phrase, connect to the app, speak your phrase, and technology does the rest. You can speak to unlock your doors, turn on lights, and more.


The way Frontpoint and ADT approach sales and support is completely different.

Frontpoint offers DIY installation with free phone support for those that need it. The system can easily be installed in less than 30 minutes and does not require drilling. It’s also 100% wireless. On the other hand, ADT requires professional installation. This rolls back into their sales process as well. They require an in-home visit before any pricing is shared. Once in your home, it can be uncomfortable, and high pressure. However, for others, an in-home visit is the only way.

Frontpoint will also let you move for free, where ADT may let you move for free, but restrictions apply.

In regards to service, Frontpoint holds an A+ rating with the BBB and ADT holds an A+. ADT is significantly larger than Frontpoint, but over the past three years they’ve received 4421 complaints to the BBB versus Frontpoint’s 57 complaints. Finally, ADT’s reach is larger. They cover the entire U.S. and multiple countries where Frontpoint focuses on the U.S. and Canada.

ADT and Frontpoint Basic Features Compared

Compare Home Security Systems Side-By-Side
Frontpoint ADT

Entry Level Price Per Month

$34.99 $36.99

Entry Level Price with Cellular Monitoring

$34.99 $47.99

Installation Method

DIY Professional

Equipment Warranty

3 years 90 Days

Minimum Contract Term

12 Months 36 months or 24 months in California

Monthly Rate Locked for the Contract Term?


Entry Level Equipment Fee

$99 $99

Control Panel Has Battery Backup?

fp-battery-backup adt-battery

Touchscreen Control Panel

Upgrade Upgrade

Two-way Audio


Apps For:

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Apple Watch, Pebble, Fire TV, Apple TV iPhone, iPad, Android

Web Portal for System Control


Event History Log


Move For Free?

fp-move-free Restrictions Apply

Return Period

30 Days Risk Free 3 Days / Restrictions Apply

Restocking Fee

fp-restocking Unknown

BBB Rating

A+ A+

Number of BBB Complaints in Last 3 Years

57 4421

Possible Discount on Insurance

fp-yes adt-insurance

Service Area

US, Canada US and Multiple Global Locations

Good For

Renters or Homeowners Homeowners

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ADT and Frontpoint Most Popular Plans Compared

Lowest and Medium Priced Plans Compared
Frontpoint ADT Frontpoint ADT

Entry Phone Number

855-903-7512 800-205-8959 855-903-7512 800-205-8959

Package Name

Interactive Plan Remote Arm Ultimate Plan Live Video

Monthly Monitoring Fee

$44.99 $47.99 $49.99 $55.99

Monitoring Method

Cellular System uses broadband service for remote control of the system. For burglary/fire/CO monitoring, ADT uses landline and/or cellular. Cellular System uses broadband service for remote control of the system. For burglary/fire/CO monitoring, ADT uses landline and/or cellular.

Police Dispatch

fp-mid-police adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-yes

Fire Dispatch

fp-mid-fire adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-yes

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

fp-mid-fire adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-yes

Monitoring for Leaks and Flooding

fp-mid-flood adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-yes

Contract Length

12-36 Months 36 months 12-36 Months 36 Months

Activation or Installation Fee

$0 Self Installation or Fee Based Professional Installation $25+ $0 Self Installation or Fee Based Professional Installation $424+

Equipment Cost

$99+ $99+ $99+ $449+

Control Panel

Included Included Included Included

Two-Way Audio

fp-mid-two-way Included fp-top-two-way Included

Equipment Included

Custom Custom Custom Custom

Access to Mobile App

fp-mid-mobile-app adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-yes

Crash & Smash or Redundant Protection

fp-mid-crash adt-45-crash fp-top-yes adt-50-crash

Email and Text Alerts

fp-mid-text adt-40-yes fp-top-yes adt-50-alerts

Remote Access and Mobile app Control

fp-mid-remote adt-45-remote fp-top-yes adt-50-app

Light Automation

fp-mid-light adt-45-light fp-top-yes adt-50-light

Geolocation Services

fp-mid-geo adt-45-geo fp-top-yes adt-50-geo

Video Surveillance Features

fp-mid-live-video adt-45-live fp-top-yes adt-50-live

Door Lock Automation

fp-mid-smart-lock adt-45-locks fp-top-yes adt-50-locks

Smart Thermostat Access

fp-mid-smart-energy adt-45-energy fp-top-yes adt-50-energy

ADT vs Frontpoint Home Security Equipment

ADT and Frontpoint use completely different equipment.

Frontpoint and ADT both offer equipment discounts to lower your upfront cost. Frontpoint’s offer is pretty consistent – the potential $300 off we talked about earlier with a minimum charge of $99. ADT’s discounts vary and change week to week.

Compare Home Security Systems Side-By-Side
Frontpoint ADT

Keypad / Cost

$79.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Option to Purchase An Extra Siren

fp-outdoor-siren Yes / Cost Unknown

Motion Detectors / Cost

$64.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Is motion detector pet immune?

fp-pet-immune Yes / Cost Unknown

Glass Break Detectors / Cost

$74.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Keychain Remote or Key Fob / Cost

$29.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Wearable Panic Pendant / Cost

$39.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Door and Window Sensors / Cost

$32.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Recessed Door Sensor / Cost

$42.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Garage Door Sensor or Tilt Sensor / Cost

$44.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Smoke Detector / Cost

$64.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Carbon Monoxide Sensor / Cost

$89.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Heat Sensor / Cost

Included in Smoke Detector Yes / Cost Unknown

Freeze Sensor / Cost

$44.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Water and Flood Sensor / Cost

$44.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Entry Level Indoor Camera / Cost

$129.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera / Cost

$279.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

Outdoor Camera / Cost

$399.99 Yes / Cost Unknown

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