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Emily Holmes

Emily Holmes

Content Manager

Emily has a keen interest in home security and online security. What you may have noticed about Emily is that she prefers to write anonymously. No, Emily isn‘t her real name. It’s her pseudonym and we support her preference 100%. Her decision has nothing to do with hiding behind a computer. In fact, we‘ve never witnessed "Emily" say a rude word to anyone. Instead, she writes anonymously so that she can share safety tips with you without compromising her personal safety. Emily is a mother and a wife whose love of home security was sparked through anxiety. Seriously. Her security system keeps her calm and helps her sleep better at night.



Justin’s job is to keep us in check. While writers may do their own research, he holds the ultimate key to our data. He double checks, calls, questions, and otherwise scoffs at anything he thinks sounds fishy.


Howard loves home security and travel. In 2015 he took 15 trips spanning from New York City to Las Vegas. In 2016, he plans to see even more of this beautiful country.