Pepper Spray Guns

5 Pepper Spray Guns for Self Defense

A couple of weeks ago, we compared the best pepper sprays for self defense, but pepper spray has limitations. For those like me who are more comfortable carrying and using a gun, there’s a better (and cooler) option: pepper spray guns. Pepper guns are more expensive than traditional pepper sprays, but there are benefits. First of all, unlike a traditional pepper spray, pepper spray guns use a disposable canister and/or bullets. When you run out, you simply purchase more “bullets”. Second, they usually have a longer reach than traditional pepper sprays so that you can defend yourself without getting too close. Third, improved accuracy. It can be difficult to use a pepper spray cannister in a high stress situation, but a pepper spray gun works just like a gun, something most are familiar with. When choosing a pepper gun, you need to look at the same traits you look at when choosing a pepper spray: distance of each shot, number of shots one cartridge can dispense, the strength and hotness of the spray, the type of the spray pattern, and the weight of the cartridge. You will also have to consider your state’s restrictions on purchasing and using pepper guns/sprays.

4 Best Pepper Guns

Micro-Shot Pepper Spray Dispencer by AceCo Mace Pepper Gun With Strobe Light SALT Pepper Gun JPX Pepper Gun
AceCo Mace Brand Salt Gun Piexon
Price BUY NOW $150 BUY NOW $59.99 BUY NOW $349.99 STARTS AT $269.95
Size of Gun (length, height, width of grip) 4.85″ x 4.15″ x 0.86″ 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ 11″ x 7″ x 1.5″ 7.48″ x 3.54″ x 1.46″
Weight of Gun 11.2 oz. (unloaded), 12 oz. (loaded) Unknown Over 1lb. (loaded) 8.81oz. standard frame,
4.76oz. 2-shot magazine
Color Blue/Green/Orange/Purple/Red Black/White/Pink Black Black/Orange/ Green
Body Material 6061-T6 billet aluminum Plastic Steel, Aluminum, Plastic High-Impact Polymer
Trigger Pull Resistance 10-12 lbs. Unknown
Safety Lock
Safety Lock
Shot/Spray Distance 6 ft. Up to 20 ft. 150+ feet Up to 23 ft.
No. of Shots per Cartridge/Magazine 6-8 half-second bursts (cartridge) 6 short burst shots 7 rounds per magazine 2 bursts/cartridge, 2 cartridges/magazine
AceCo Mace Brand Salt Gun Piexon
Micro-Shot Pepper Spray Dispencer by AceCo Mace Pepper Gun With Strobe Light SALT Pepper Gun JPX Pepper Gun
Price BUY NOW $150 BUY NOW $59.99 BUY NOW $349.99 STARTS AT $269.95
Spray/Shot Type Cone Shape Pattern Stream Pattern Spray Pellet Cone
Price Of Cartridge/Pellet SABRE Red Pepper Spray $8.00-$12.00 $18.99 (2 OC Pepper Cartridges),
$16.99 (1 OC Pepper Cartridge & 1 Practice),
$14.99 (2 Practice)
$49.99 (10 Pepper Spray Rounds),
$39.99 (10 Practice),
$8.99 (5 CO2 Cylinder Tanks),
$24.99 (Extra 7-Round Magazine)
$32.50 (1 OC Magazine w/ 2 cartridges),
$26.95 (1 Practice Magazine w/ 2 cartridges)
Strength (MC rating) 1.33% 1.33% OC and Tear Gas 1.33%
Do they sell practice pellets/cartridges? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Carrying Case Leather and Nylon Holster (sold separately) 1 Case, 1 7-Round Magazine, 2 CO2 Tanks, 10 Pepper Spray Rounds, 10 Practice Rounds Laser sight (sold separately)
Different kinds of holsters (sold separately)
Other Features NA Strobe light to distract attacker; LED flashlight NA Picatinny mil-spec rail for laser sights

Comparing 5 Pepper Spray Gun Options

1. Micro-Shot Pepper Spray Dispenser by AceCo

Micro-Shot is a pepper gun the size of a compact pocket pistol. Micro-Shot comes in 5 colors—blue, green, orange, red, and purple. It is made from a tough alloy and has a lifetime warranty against breakage. The trigger pull resistance is 10 to 12 pounds, so it’s safe to keep Micro-Shot in your pocket. Micro-Shot sells for $150.

Each Micro-Shot canister holds 4 to 6 half-second sprays. You can also make it spray continuously by pulling the trigger all the way back. The canister contains 10% OC and has an MC rating of 1.33%. Canisters can be ordered from several retailers online including The gun is compatible with canisters made by Sabre Red, a trusted pepper spray brand.

2. Mace Pepper Gun With Strobe Light

Mace is a popular pepper spray brand, and their pepper gun is wallet friendly. The updated version of their pepper gun includes a light feature that can both help you see in the dark and distract an attacker. Pulling the light switch once turns on the steady LED flashlight. Pulling it twice engages the strobe light feature. Both lights will turn on when you pull the pepper spray trigger.

Mace squirts out a stream pattern spray that can reach up to 20 ft. Each cartridge weighs 1oz. and can spray up to 6 short burst shots. You can load Mace with a water cartridge for practice or OC cartridge a.k.a. the real thing. Cartridges are available for purchase from Mace’s website. You can choose from 2 water cartridges ($14.99), 2 OC cartridges ($18.99), or 1 water and 1 OC cartridge. The pepper gun sells for $59.99 and comes in black, white, and pink. You can also purchase leather and nylon holsters.

3. SALT Pepper Gun

SALT is different from the others; it is an actual pellet gun. Instead of spraying aerosol or liquid-based irritant, it uses a combination of powdered OC and tear gas encapsulated inside each pellet. When fired, the pellet breaks upon impact and releases the irritants, incapacitating the attacker. SALT’s concept gives it an edge over the competition as it can hit a target 150 to 200ft away at a speed of 320 feet per second. Of course, accuracy is key.

SALT is powered by a replaceable CO2 cylinder, which works similarly to airsoft guns. Each cylinder can fire up to 21 pellets and can be replaced within seconds. The cylinder is sealed by a permanent metal seal, which will only be punctured when you fire your first shot. This allows you to keep the cylinder loaded for as long as you need it. But once the cylinder is punctured, the contents will expire within 24-hours.

SALT uses a magazine that can hold 7 pellets at a time, which is limited. However, you can purchase additional 7-round magazines.

A SALT starter kit costs $349 and includes the gun, a lockable case, 10 rounds of pepper spray pellets, 10 rounds of practice pellets (contains baby powder), 2 CO2 cylinders, and a user manual.

CO2 cylinders (set of 5 for $8.99), pepper spray rounds (10 rounds for $49.99), practice rounds (10 for $34.99), and additional magazines ($24.99 each) can be purchased from SALT’s online shop.

4. JPX Pepper Gun

JPX pepper gun is capable of releasing 10ml spray pattern OC per charge. Each shot can reach up to 23ft. It can hold 2 cartridges at a time, but each cartridge can only be charged twice. What’s interesting about JPX is that you can choose from a variety of accessories like holsters and scopes. For instance, you can get a shoulder holster with magazine pouch for quick reloading. You can also purchase laser scopes for better accuracy.

JPX is sold in bundles starting at $269.95. You can choose your JPX bundle here.

5. Pepper Balls

If you have a paintball gun or if you are planning to buy one, pepper balls may be a better alternative. Pepper balls are ammunition for paintball guns that contain (you guessed it!) OC powder. The powder is inside a hard shell that bursts on impact. It will then unleash a cloud of irritant that can incapacitate your attacker. Paintball guns usually shoot at a speed of around 300 feet per second, which can hit a target 100 to 150 feet away depending on your gun.

There are several pepper ball brands on the market today, like PepperBall® who sells all kinds of paintball ammunition. The thing is, you can’t buy directly from their website. You’ll need to fill out a personal data form first and submit it online. After doing so, a representative will contact you to discuss the details of your purchase. Because of the long process of buying from their website, I suggest you shop for pepper balls from your local paintball dealer. But before doing so, be sure to check your local laws.

The biggest downside to using a paintball gun is that most of them are rather large for a carry weapon. Even the Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Gun weighs in at over 2lbs unloaded and the length of the gun is 10.5″. To compare, the size of a mid-size carry gun like the Glock 19 is 6.85″. The Glock 21 SF (a .45 caliber pistol) is 8.03″ and most would find that an uncomfortable size for carrying.

Bottom Line

The right pepper gun can protect you against attackers, but it can also harm you if you don’t spend enough time getting to know how to use it. Proper handling, carriage, and use are just some of the things you should know before buying one. Aside from that, you must understand your responsibilities when carrying and using pepper guns.